Bloch Boost DRT Sneaker Child's

Bloch Boost DRT Sneaker Child's - Washington Dancewear


SKU: S0538G

Bloch children's dance sneakers are high performance shoes, featuring full and split-sole designs made specifically for dance routines, class or fitness. Our dance sneakers have been specially fabricated to assist children when they dance to help avoid injury. Featuring lightweight multi-layered soles to provide bounce and shock absorption for jumps. High-tech materials offer optimum support and flexibility in the sole. Bloch children's sneakers have high density smooth spin spots to assist in free movement related to spinning and sliding. Pads around the spin spot provide balance and control and the outer sides of the soles act as a brake when sliding. The grip offers stability in neutral positions and when making quick foot movements. The streamlined upper provides a dynamic fit that holds the foot securely during movement and includes a reinforced toe area for foot work. Breathable mesh ensures children's feet remain cool.